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NOGA is a multidisplinary professional organization in Northwest Ohio that offers educational opportunities to individuals involved in the care of older adults.

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Awards & Scholarships

The Northwest Ohio Gerontological Association (NOGA) is pleased to offer an academic scholarship for an undergraduate and/or graduate student. The scholarship is intended to benefit students who are preparing for careers in age-related fields.

JOHN VANCE was a long time member of NOGA and served as Chairperson/President from 1987 to 1991. At the time, John directed Information Services for the Elderly (ISE) located in the First Call for Help offices at One Stranahan Square. His work at ISE included coordinating and developing programs for seniors, implementing community organization and advocacy, and providing technical assistance to service providers. “The scholarship was posthumously named for John (around 1997-1998) in recognition of his unceasing efforts not only on behalf of older adults, but also in his mentoring of students. He was a kind and gentle man, quick to smile and to offer an encouraging word.”*

Applicants must be currently enrolled in and have completed one semester/quarter at an accredited college or university in Northwest Ohio. The applicant must::

  1. Complete an application (see below);

  2. Submit a two-page, double-spaced, typed response to the following question: “Growing older also means more functional, medical, and cognitive declines may occur. What do you see as your role in the future to assist seniors in managing their health care needs? What preventative measures can assist the aging population?”

  3. Submit a letter of reference from your academic advisor or an instructor in the field of gerontology on university letterhead.

Applications for 2018 are to be sent by Wednesday, March 21, 2018 to:
Vickie Leeming, NOGA Scholarship Committee at 6111 Chaney Drive, Toledo, OH 43615 or via email at: al4noga@bex.net

John Vance Academic Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. For a free copy of this program, visit Adobe's website to download this program.

*comments from Cheryl Conley 

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