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NOGA is a multi-disciplinary professional organization in Northwest Ohio that offers educational opportunities to individuals involved in the care of older adults.

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Board Members

President 2023-2024
Clayton Birney
Arista Home Care Solutions

Neena Mossing

Past President
Chris Cremean
Caregiver Resources Group

Board Member-at-Large
and Our Committees

Cindy Binkley
NOMS CPW Healthcare

Glenn Carlson
Christian Home Care
Arista Home Care Solutions

Rob Goewey
Advocacy Committee
Arista Home Care Solutions

Carolyn Heintschel
Sunset Retirement Communities

Gina Nadon
St. Clare Commons

Erica Reid
Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Ohio

Angie Rumer,
Oasis Senior Advisor Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan

Melissa Williamson
Hospice of Northwest Ohio

Phil Wylkan
Advocacy and Scholarship Committees
Law Office of Phillip T. Wylkan

Advocacy Committee
Chris Cremean, Chair
Cindy Binkley
Rob Goewey
Phil Wylkan

Program/Hospitality Committee
Erica Reid, Chair
Cindy Binkley
Angie Rumer
Melissa Williamson

Scholarship Committee
Chris Cremean, Chair
Clayton Birney
Glenn Carlson
Gina Nadon
Phil Wylkan

Communications/PR Committee
Angie Rumer, Chair
Gina Nadon
Erica Reid

Social Media Sub-Committee
Erica Reid and Angie Rumer
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The NOGA Board of Directors is looking for like minded professionals to join us in dedicating a little extra time to expanding the efforts of NOGA and continuing to make a difference for seniors in our community. To join the Board of Directors, one must have been a member of NOGA for 1 year.

If you are interested in learning more, please email: info@nogaonline.org





Description of NOGA Committees

Program & Hospitality Committee. This committee is responsible for determining and arranging programs for regular meetings; and confirming speakers one week before their scheduled presentation, including general technical aspects of the presenter’s content to arrange proper video and audio arrangements with the host facility. This committee is also responsible for arranging meeting places and refreshments for meetings, for meeting, greeting and introducing presenters at the meetings, displaying the NOGA banner, providing nametags, maintaining attendance, and passing out program evaluation forms, as needed.

Advocacy Committee. Members of this committee are responsible for tracking and studying issues that impact seniors of NW Ohio. This committee is responsible for keeping the NOGA Board, NOGA membership and community, updated on these issues and helps to determine if our support or action is needed with various issues impacting the elder population.

Communications/Public Relations Committee. This committee is responsible for maintaining the NOGA website. This committee monitors the links to the websites and notifies agencies if they have been approved to link to the NOGA website.

Additionally this committee is responsible for ensuring current members renew their dues on time and encourage the addition of new members. This committee is also responsible for developing membership drives for the year.

Finally, this committee is responsible for addressing the needs between NOGA members and NOGA with other organizations. This committee is responsible for monitoring other gerontology/geriatric “clubs” in northwest Ohio. This committee is also responsible for outreach activities and miscellaneous communications. Working with the Program Committee, they will be responsible for the thank you notes to the host site and speakers of each program meeting.



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